My name is Allona Mulkey and I am your United States of America’s Ms Arizona 2022. I have been in the modeling and pageantry industry for over 14 years and have a true passion for building up young girls and women in their truths and passion. I am a 36 year old single mom to a beautiful little girl and I’m currently working as a full-time dental hygienist. I have resided in Tucson since 2001 and I am proud to call this beautiful Sonoran oasis my home. As your USOA’s Ms Arizona, my platform called “Finding Your Light” focuses on spreading hope through sharing personal stories, hosting events and equipping people with tools and resources needed in the community to help others overcome adversity and discover their inner peace, passion and purpose.
Pageantry is perceived as all beauty and glam when broadcasted. But what is not being seen is the philanthropic and strong-willed intelligence of these powerful women. When I competed in my first national pageant in 2019, I was in shock at the powerhouses I was blessed to compete amongst. The women from all 50 states were so passionate about their platforms, the non-profit organizations they advocated for, as well as balancing their every day careers.
I was approached to compete in the United States of America pageant system and after reading about what the organization stands for, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. The USOA pageant system motto is to EMPOWER women, INSPIRE others, and UPLIFT everyone! They focus on women empowerment, promoting positive self-image and advocating a platform of community service. I believe in being kind to people from all walks of life but uplifting others to find their truth and empower their passions is how I choose to live my daily life and be a role model to my daughter. I have been told by many that being a single mom, working a full time job, running a household of my own, and planning for a national pageant along with all the prep work needed to compete, has empowered them to pursue their dreams and passions no matter what curve ball life has thrown at them. Taking the first step sets you on the path to making your life’s dream a success

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